Wednesday, July 6, 2011


What do you do to unwind after a long day?  I usually try to squeeze in a shower/bath and then once I put the angel to bed, I hop online for a few minutes to remind myself that life exists outside of Red Fern.  My latest online obsession?  Pinterest.  It reminds me of a mini blog where you post pics of things you like.  You can follow member's "pins" and post "pins" of your own.  Check it out!  You can follow mine at jacqueline_d.  I love a good inspiration pic and before Annie, could sit online for hours and look at decor pics.  Now I'm lucky to spend 20 minutes on the computer at one time ;)  Wouldn't trade it for the world...

Here are a few of my Pinterest pins:

We bought a fancy new desktop before A. Rae came and it currently resides on our dining room table.  EWE.  I've been on the mad hunt for a desk like this, but am having absolutely no luck.  Where are you cute writing table/desk? 

I have been dreaming of a gallery wall in my house ever since we bought it, but have not found the right location or enough frames yet.  Maybe I'll post my location options for opinions....

The site is not just home decor, there are pics of fashion, kids, DIY, Photography, Music, etc.  It really is a time warp.  If I had nothing better to do, I could spend all day surfing around.  {ps.  Is that my dream daughter or what?!?!  What a cute friggin kid!}

One of my favorite parts is the little sayings like this.  You all know I've certainly been there several times.  I used to be a big gurl ;)  Now that I've been pregnant, I'm rocking a gut bigger than my biggest fat girl days, but I have an excuse...well, for one more week.  I'm hoping to get cleared for sit ups next week.  WOOP WOOP! 

Happy Hump Day to all you worker bee's.  I think I'll go watch TV now.  BAHAHAHHAA. 


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