Tuesday, July 12, 2011

6 weeks

It's already been 6 weeks since sweet little A. Rae was cut out of me {full birth story to come later}.  I got the okay to start working out, swimming, etc {wink wink} today!!! 

I bought a pair of jeans at the Goodwill for $7 that are hanging out in the living room as a reminder to get my fat ass up every day and do something to get this weight off. 

I can't get these bad boys up even remotely close to my muffin top, but I just know that these jeans are the ones.  They're going to look straight MILF.  I started the 'Couch to 5k' app which I've done before and loved.  I also found free workouts on demand on my TV!!! {cancelled the ol' gym membership on the new budget program so I can go back to work part time in Sept}  My new favorite is the butt bible.  I'm hoping that with the TV workouts and running, my pre-pregnancy body will return.  You know what a full trash bag looks like when you take it out of the trash can?  That's what my naked body looks like from the waist to my knees.  No lie. Front and back.   

Most of you might not know, but I was a big gurl when I first met my husband.  A BUCK EIGHTY!  I whittled myself down to 135 by working out like a crazy, eating lean cuisines, and taking trim spa.   Now, I realize I'll probably never be there again, but I'm just looking forward to being somewhat toned and in shape!  I love working out and it makes me feel so good physically and emotionally.  I'm not going to put a weight target on myself, buuuuuuuuuut if I got back to 140, I'd be one happy lady ;)

I've randomly been writing down stuff throughout these new days of mommy hood and what a better time to post it than at this 6 week mile stone, right?  This really is random and in order of how I wrote it (chronological).

1. Will I ever walk again?
2. I can't stop staring at my baby. 
3. Showering is exhausting.
4. Is it normal to have a fat pocket that hangs over your incision?
5. My nipples hurt.
6. Stop crying, please.
7. I love when people tell me my daughter is beautiful.
8. Holy porn star boobs.  I need to take pictures of these bad boys.
9. I. Need. Sleep.
10. Annie's poop shot across the room onto the bed skirt today and it made me laugh out loud.
11. Maybe I will have another one.
12. I don't think my tots have ever been this small.
13. Annie's smile lights up my life. 
14. I wish it weren't so hot outside.
15. I can't go back to work.
16. sleep.
17. Holy bottle washing batman.
19. Running with a stroller is hard, but makes me feel like a bad ass mother.
20. Being a mommy rocks.

Off to figure out how to work a paint sprayer that Drew bought a while back and JUST NOW TOLD ME ABOUT (-5 points).  Hoping to get a dining room table and some chairs sprayed before next week.  Will be interesting to see what I actually get done...

Do any of you have any work out moves to pass along to a new mommy? 


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