Monday, July 25, 2011

Floor Stencil Options

My sweet is sleeping, so I'm going to try to squeeze in a quick post.

Still been busting A trying to make a dent in my long, long, long list of house projects I wanted to get done on maternity leave.  I'm on like #3 of 1,546. 

Since the last post, we added these super cute house numbers on stand offs to our front door purchased from Home Depot.  I'm still trying to figure out what to do (if anything) with that surround part at the door.  Not a fan.  I wish it weren't there.  Should I paint it the house color?  Leave it alone?  Darker {like the paint swatch taped up} or Lighter?  Help!

I found a way to grow my vines up the left side at the entry--a cable trellis!  DIY instructions and pics to come later...when we get around to that project. 

I'm also doing a little research on my stencil for the entry.  It will go in these locations {shown in red}

My concern is that it will look cheap and cheesy here and I should just wait until we can afford pavers, but.....we may never be able to afford pavers???  Thoughts?  On the flip side, it might look cute and add some much needed personality?

What do you think?
Those tall plants on either side of the walkway are being replaced soon and the purple plants are going to be replaced with pink or white....can't decide yet.

In other news, I am also starting on my laundry room mini makeover.  I got this rug at Urban Outfitters and it is SO not me, but I love it.  If you can't have color in your laundry room, where can you have it?  {the tags are still on juuuuuust in case}

I'm thinking a dark gray color on the wall, but only up to the height of the door frame where we will install a chair rail and then do flat white from the chair rail to the ceiling???  Who knows. 

In the meantime, I busted out this cute little chalk board that's hanging on the door to the garage:

I'm also redoing our bedroom by painting our two black dressers white.  Here's the first one in progress:

We play alot in our bedroom now that we have Annie {she loves the Tempurpedic, hehe} and the black was just DRAB...just like the front door.  White is hot to me right now...clean, fresh, and a blank canvas.  I dunno.  Maybe I just have too much time on my hands and spend way too much time staring at my house.  This puppy is next for a fresh coat of white paint:

With the white furniture, I am leaning towards a super light (but not white) plain sheet with some sort of quilt folded at the bottom.  Maybe painting that mirror a coral color and adding a TON of gold accents?

Who knows. 

Everything I own has no less than 3 coats of paint ;)

Hoping for a productive week,

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