Tuesday, July 19, 2011

busy busy bee

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am constantly working on our little home.  I love it.  I thrive on transforming trash and painting furniture.  I feel proud when I improve on a space in my home.  The only downside to this little hobby is that my house is pretty much constantly a hot mess.  At any given time, there is probably a half painted piece of furniture, accessories piled up from where I was trying to style a piece and got fed up and nails on the wall empty from the piece I just switched around.  It works for me though, because I really do have a master plan.  I'm getting there slowly...and even more slowly now that I have Annie.  I try to cram pack as much as humanly possible into her morning nap time which ranges from 2-4 hours.   I have been one  busy lady here recently {hence the lack of blog posts}.  Lemme show you the mess.

So, my first project was this Asian china cabinet.  I bought it a while back and semi liked the teal color it was painted, but whoever did it, did a half ass job, so it eventually needed to be painted anyways.  I chose my new favorite color...white.  bahaha.  It's actually Sherwin Williams SW7008 Alabaster.  I find it the perfect creamy shade of white that still blends with the stark white trim, but doesn't come off as cheap spray paint.  When painting furniture, I always go flat...  it seems so much more cottage-y to me.



Sadly, I think I might have to get rid of this piece to make room for a desk.  We just got a shiny new puter and as much as I would love to make our 3rd bedroom an office, A. I know we won't use it way back there, and B. that will hopefully be baby #2's room not too far down the road. SO, I'm gonna try it in one spot of the dining room, but will prolly end up putting it on craigslist for $250.  Hit me up if you're interested :)

Since finding my favorite white, I also painted that bookcase in the hallway.  I started stripping it about a year ago trying to get that perfect raw wood 'Restoration Hardware' look, but....yea....that shiz is time consuming and it was too hot.  So inside it sat half done for a year until last week.  I'm really digging the white.  It brightens up my entry hall which was much needed {no windows in there} and will look smashing with my new rug I just ordered from Urban Outfitters!



{I'm still in the process of accessorizing that beast, so it's just hanging out right now waiting for some more goodies}

Onto the dining room.  I sold the barn table {see ya!} and have big dreams for a diy zinc table, but first....I have to get rid of this table I've had for a bit {Drew has been getting onto me about all of the "spare" furniture I have piled up around the house, hehe} The wood finish was killing me, so I painted it today. 


{I used it for a split second in my breakfast room until I found my little round one at a garage sale}


I'll sling it in the dining room until it sells {$100}...please buy it.  It's cute now, but too small for my space.  I used Sherwin Williams SW6163 Grassland and then rubbed a little ebony wood stain on top.  I'm going to put it with my slip covered chairs and some mason jars with pink flowers on top to rip this look:

MadeByGirl: Nicole's California Home Tour Pt.1 ... (Via Made By Girl)

{maybe I'll add a little urethane since my inspiration pic looks a wee bit more shiny}

Let's see what else...Oh, I also sprayed this cutie today:
I haven't got a clue where he will go, but I'm thinking maybe the garden???

Here's the current table in the breakfast room.  It was asking for a round table and I picked this one up at a garage sale for $25 {and refinished it}.  I've been pining over a zebra hide rug for under this bad boy for almost a year, but still can't break down and buy one ;)

What's next on the list you ask?  I gotta spray my bamboo chairs white and cover them in some dark gray burlap-ish fabric I picked up for $1.25/yd

And then repaint my beautiful buffet (seriously one of my favorite pieces) my fav new white!

I know this should have probably been like 10 different posts, but hey...mamas got a baby to tend to.  I need to take my shower for the week {wink} and then wake up my sunshine.  Buy my china cabinet and table.


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