Thursday, July 7, 2011

dining room inspiration

I got a wild hair up my ass yesterday and put our dining room table on craigslist.  I bought it in a haste to fill the space when we first moved in and have never been 100% satisfied.  I mean, it was okay, but not anything to write home about...

The rounded edges were driving me crazy.  The color of the top was too close to the floors and didn't really do anything for the room and the base was a little too "typical farm table at Rooms to Go".  So, off it went the same night.  WOOP WOOP.  Now I have a clean slate and here's my plan.

1. Attempt a DIY zinc table that looks a little something like this:

I'm kind of digging this base.  Looks easy enough to recreate...right?...Drew?  The one pictured is a wee bit to bulky, but I like the overall design.

I like the Louis style chairs in the picture above too.  They'll go great with my existing buffet that I heart and will never get rid of...but will probably repaint.

If I do two or three chairs like this
Vintage French Camelback Upholstered Side Chair
one one side, I can do a long bench on the other side and two wing back chairs on the ends.  I want a gaudy brass and crystal chandelier to hang over the table (I currently have NO light fixture in there), a rug, and two big glass lamps for the buffet. 

While I was looking at zinc tables, I came across these lovlies:

Perfect mix of casual, french, zebra {gotta have the animal print}, gold, glass, wood and flowers.  Equation to a perfect space...

Is that my DREAM DESK back there {that I found today on craigslist, called on the second it was listed and that bia was already SOLD}?  What up with that!?!?  My hunt for a desk continues...


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